Entry #3

Willie D day is over :(

2012-09-07 16:11:22 by Toastsoup

We had a good time, but now it's over.


Willie D day is over :(


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2012-09-11 02:53:58

Just to make a note friend, If you don't want people like me making any true TRUE observational reviews than I have to say (And excuse me for saying this) stop posting your shit and garbage onto this site then! Whatever comes careening into the portal its my obligated duty as an honest observer to review an be fair and honest on what comes in without any fuss. I'm doing my part to help this sites community on giving them a reason to work and to fight for what they believe in. If you don't appreciate the jest then or for anyone here for the matter then maybe its high time you left this place, Hmm!? Next time on your comments, I advise you to treat other on this site with some common courtesy and some respect. Don't be rude about what I'm doing here as a contributor here by being fair and honest. Again have some respect, I pray you have a better future. Have a pleasant (or not so pleasant) day.

Toastsoup responds:

Why don't you see how it feels and make your own flash? You are just going to draw stick figures anyway...


2012-09-18 15:40:18

lol toast is bad, you have to not be a dick to the helpful people of newgrounds, Toast, it's a group rule of soupsquad. If you keep this up you will never be accepted..